Original Equipment Manufacturing
We develop your original product that adds the strength to your product line.

OEM is not the only service Grain Corporation can offer. To open up new era for your company, we can be of your strategic partner.

Giving shape to your idea

From planning, manufacturing to sales promotion, we closely work with you to attain the goal.

Ask us if you are thinking of manufacturing new product by using your raw materials.

  • Want to make nutritional food supplement reflecting the needs of the market.
  • Want to make original item referencing the product currently selling well on the market.
  • Want to combine to-be-manufactured product with your existing good selling item.
  • Want to make package, brochure or leaflet together with the developed item.
  • Want to get our proposal, as you are new to health food sales, for the sales promotion of the product.

About OEM and ODM


OEM is an abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturing, which means to produce private brand product per customer's request.


ODM is an abbreviation of Original Design Manufacturing, which includes planning, selection of raw materials to the production.

The partnership we are pursuing is more like eProject Proposalf type, similar concept to ODM.

Come to us first of all. We will listen.

And respond quickly to your needs.

Will make a pre-production sample by listening to what you want and propose the best possible idea based on our well-accumulated database.