DNA of Craftsmanship
DNA of craftsmanship running through in the Japanese created the technology that we can be proud of to the world.

Utmost attention to safe and secure

Concern over food safety has been a world attention recently. Grain Corp as being a provider of the product implements thorough inspection into practice. We use only materials that passed strict screening.

Mind of exploration and researchfor quality to the highest level

Grain corp has been striving for ebetter health foodf with the mind of research and exploration as a driving force. Many original items such as LAC and fulvic acid are its results.

Response and services with attention to details

Grain corp has an established reputation of its attention to details and accuracy. Each personnel working for the company has a pride in creating the highest quality.

Service and response with close communication

Our competitive edge is the punctuality in delivery and close follow-up by communicating with customer.