Our approach on safety and secureness
We spend all possible efforts for safety and secureness.

The safety of products is the prime importance for Grain Corp. Our products can be traced back to their raw materials. We have double/triple screening as quality management.

The choice of raw materialsProduction of the productShipment of the product
About raw materials

Selection of raw materials

We select the best raw materials that passed our safety criteria by thoroughly screening their place of origin, etc.

Inspection of raw materials

New raw materials to be used are checked by our own inspection to secure safety including allergic substance test.

About development

Stick to non-additives

No synthetic colorant or preservatives is used in our cosmetics and health food. We only offer products with no additives.

Adhere to eeasy to take inf item

Our health food is designed to dissolve in the body at the best timing, and made for children and the elderly to take easier by making tablet into smaller one or less quantity.

Care for labeling

We show all the ingredients used and allergic substances if any on the label by making thorough investigation.

About manufacturing

Manufactured in GMP certified plant

Our products are manufactured in GMP certified plant authorized by Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association.

Total management of manufacture

We manage total production process from raw materials, when/where to manufacture, etc.

Strictly inspect all the products

All the products are proved safe through implementation of quality control based on the Japanese law.