We can respond to the needs from overseas
With high level of technical strength and communication skill, we respond to the request from company overseas, which wants to handle Japan made product.

We strive for creating unique and competitive OEM product. We can offer the best competitive cost by cooperating with our affiliate factory in Japan and overseas.

Japanese technology, which we can be proud of

Precise technology, study, research feeling, security, security

We have the reputation of high quality, attention to details and accuracy.

We respond quickly to customers overseas with our business motto, eSend Japanese Safety/Technology to the worldf.
Experienced English speaking associates are waiting for you.

Production process
roduction processi1.PlanningA2.DesignA3.Trial productionA4.ManufactureA5.InspectionA6.Shipmentj
A plan, the design minutelyTrial manufacture, the production preciselyInspection, the shipment carefully
We implement strict inspection when receiving and shipping.
Inspection when receiving raw materials¨Quality inspection¨Pre-shipment inspection
Inspection itemipHAViscosityAAppearanceAOdorAUsabilityABacteriaASpecific GravityAAssayj